Via Bicycle

This page is dedicated to the shop part of Via Bicycle. The physical store, compared to the virtual store that is Bikeville. Please keep in mind that Via Bicycle is a full service bike shop, and the cool stuff is generally inaccessible, except by appointment. The shop and the website are 2 seperate entities, so calling the bike shop number will not get you in contact with me, only email will.

Via Bicycle has been in business since 1982 and has primary been a used bicycle shop. We have bought out many bike shops and specialize in selling reliable bicycles for city commuting. We also have a fully capable shop that builds wheels, overhauls everything from basic 3 speed and coaster brake hubs to exotic turn of the century bicycles.

We sell reconditioned bicycles and carry NO new bicycle line. We carry parts to work on almost every bike out there today, and if not we can point you the right way. We sell vintage British three speeds, Schwinn coaster brake and 3 speed bicycles perfect for city commuting in Philadelphia. We also have multispeed bikes, including many 10-12 speed bikes. And we also carry single speed and fixed gear bicycles.

We buy bikes as well, how do you think we got so many ones for sale. We don't buy everything and we are also in the business of making money, so you can generally get more for your bike selling to an individual, but we try to offer a fair price that you can either decline or accept.

We service and tuneup almost any bike produced, today and yesteryear. We give free estimates on repairs and our prices reflect our love for the bikes we service.

We carry a variety of rims and spokes to build almost any type of wheel, including various spoke patterns such as Radial and Crow's Foot.

We special in commuting bikes, and most commute to work on Sturmey Archer 3 speed hubs, which we are all capable of diagnosing and overhauling. We stock all the parts to keep these hubs turning for another 100 years!

The shop is on the corner of 9th Street and South Street, in Center City Philadelphia. Our Phone number is 215-627-3370.

Please remember not to call the shop asking about old bikes, call the shop if you need your bike fixed, or purchase a used bike locally.

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